Remember, be good!

I used to call my grandmother every single day while I was in college even though I was only about 40 minutes away. Then I moved 3,000 miles away, and continued the tradition of calling her daily. Sometimes I would call her 3 times in a day just to ask a question or hear some advice. Grandmothers don’t mind getting so many phone calls from their grandchildren, since they don’t seem quite as needy as children do. I believe this is why text messaging was invented- to keep parents sane in the case of their needy children

At the end of every¬†conversation¬† my grandmother would say, “Remember, be good.” I always had a great relationship with my grandmother. She listened and understood me in a way a lot of people couldn’t.

I would reply, “Grandma what on earth am I going to do to be bad?” She would say “Just be good is all I’m saying!”

The last thing she ever said to me on the phone was, “And remember, be good!” She died 2 days later. When you can’t talk to someone you live on memories. I think of those words, “be good,” many times a day. I think of grandma’s favorite poem, “I Have Never Walked Alone,” and how even when she was discouraged she always knew deep down that there was a loving God watching over us. I think of how my grandmother was never quick to anger at this crazy world. She fought the battles she needed to and tried to be kind to everyone.

Buni, (as I called her), never said “Be the best,” she said “Be good,” meaning do the best you can at the time with the knowledge and resources you have. Do in your heart what you feel to be right. My mom sent me a quote calendar and the quote for the day she died is: “We can do more good by being good, than in any other way.”-Rowland Hill

I think that’s a pretty great legacy to leave. Gran never won any awards, or became a household name. She was just an honest, hard working woman who lived her life trying her best to “be good,” and I think that’s all any of us can ask of ourselves.


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